• My View of Education

    I see education as the medium for the growth of a civilized society with its ultimate goal to promote social growth and uphold social reform. Education is the equalizier that helps individuals to thrive in spite of their socio-economical and/or cultural backgrounds. It helps to fulfill people's dreams and aspirations and become productive contributors to build a better world.


    My View of the Learner

    The learner is at the center of the process bringing his/her own expectations and contributing to the classroom's environment with their own cultural background, language competency, multiple intelligences and learning styles. The learner influences the teacher and other learners through his/her participation and inquiry that enhances the learning process.


    My View of Learning

    Learning flourishes in an enviroment where cultural experiences and heritage language are both respected and celebrated. Teaching and learning happen within a circle of respect, responsibility and participation where norms are agreed upon to ensure a safe space for all.


    My View of Instructional Coaching

    As an Instructional Coach my role is to support teachers as I establish a partnerships based on reciprocal trust and respect. Thus, my role is to be a facilitator and an advocate for teachers seeking their professional growth, working together in a dynamic cycle of planning-practice-and reflection- with positive intent and reflective conversations.